To participate on the race, is mandatory to do the inscription previously. It is indispensable to indicate for what University you are going to run and your t-shirt size.


· 8 € tax included (with yellow chip)
· 10 € tax included (with a chip on the number)

The use of the chip is mandatory. If a runner does not have a yellow chip, the organization will provide a rental chip for 2€. The cost is included on the inscription.

Registration form

The registration is closed:


The inscription period finishes on Tuesday, March 27th, 2018 at 23:59h or until 4.000 registered runners.

 Information of interest
 1. The registration to the race necessarily requires the agreement of race regulation.
2. In order to make the registration for the organization to the race, Gaudium Sports, or the or the company that subcontracts for these purposes, will collect the personal information of all the participants.
3. The participant has the right to access to these files in order to change, or cancel totally or partially, the information. To do it, the participant has to request it writing to the organization of the Unirun (Unirun. Gaudium Sports. Alcolea 74, 08014 Barcelona).
4. For sportive, promotion, distribution and exploitation interest of the Unirun (reproduction of photographs of the race, publication of classification lists…), and through any communication cannel (Online, newspapers…) and without a time limit, the participants registered loan to the organization the right to use their name and surname, their position on the classification, their race time and their image.
5. In agreement with the Organic Law 15/1999, on December 13th, of Data Protection, the participant authorizes the loan of their personal information to a third party, exclusively for the organization of sport events and promotion of the Unirun. This consent can be revoked, without retroactive effects, and at any time the participants can deny the consent loaned or exercise any of the rights mentioned.
6. The participants consent and accept the loan of images of the race to Gaudium Sports and third parties linked to the race, to be used unlimited and for all the world, to publish the race and the products marketed by participating companies and linked to Unirun.
7. The participants expressly authorize the advertising or promotion communication sending of the sponsors or the organizer of the event, by electronic mail or other electronic media.
8. The addressees of the promotional mailing may oppose to the processing of their data for promotional purposes and they will have a valid electronic address that will be included in each communication, where they can exercise their right of opposition.